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THIS WEEK AT DPR... (05/06/16-05/22/16)
Monday 05/16/2016

Baseball   Pictures- 5:00 William's Moving
Baseball   Pictures- 5:15 Schlief/Show-Me Rent
Baseball   Pictures- 6:15  Quality Choice
Baseball   Pictures- 6:30  Allen   Christian/Wingspan
Baseball   Pictures- 6:45  Strickland Electric
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field A Schlief/Blue Bernie
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field A Strickland   Electric/White Bernie
Softball GAME- @6:00 Field B  Bank of Advance/ Bloomfield
Softball GAME- @7:30 Field B  Bernie/Carlos Warren
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field C Gill Group/ Jarrell Law
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field C Cotton Belt Express/ NAPA
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field D  Williams Moving/Bloomfield Purple
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field D  Allen Christian/Wingspand
Baseball GAME- @6:00 Field F Nearly   Perfect/ Show Me Rent
Baseball GAME- @7:00 Field F Quality   Choice Hearing/Fiddlers
Baseball   GAME- @7:45 Field F Ferguson/Dexter Family Eye
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Field G  Candyland/Bernie
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Bloomfield BIG FIELD Bloomfield/MJ Auto


Tuesday 05/17/2016


Baseball Pictures- 5:15 First Midwest Bank/ Nearly Perfect Shoes/ Ferguson Medical Group

Baseball Pictures 5:30 Gill Group

Baseball Pictures 6:15 Dexter Family Eye Care

Baseball   Pictures- 6:30 Janet's Beauty/Southern Bank/ Mac's 94 Auto
Baseball   GAME- 6:00 Field A Williams Moving/Bernie Blue
Baseball   GAME- @7:30  Field   A Southern Bank/Janet's   Beauty
Softball GAME- @6:00 Field B   Bloomfield/Subway
Softball GAME- @7:30 Field B   Bernie/Bank of Advance
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field C NAPA/ Gill Group
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field C  Jarrell Law/ Cotton   Belt Express
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field D  Nearly Perfect/ Ferguson
Baseball GAME- @7:00 Field D  First   Midwest/Nearly Perfect
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field F  First Midwest/ Show   Me Rent
Baseball GAME- @7:00 Field F  Mac's 94/ Dexter   Family Eye
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Field G  MJ   Auto/Bloomfield
Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bloomfield SMALL FIELD  Purple/ Gold
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Bloomfield BIG FIELD  Purple Bloomfield/Gold Bloomfield


Wednesday 05/18/16


Thursday 05/19/16

Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field A   Allen Christian/Bloomfield Gold
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field A Southern   Bank/Bloomfield Purple
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Field B Subway/Bernie
Softball   GAME- @7:30 Field B  Carlos Warren/Bloomfield
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field C NAPA/ Cotton Belt Express
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Field C  Jarrell Law/Whitakers
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Field D  Ferguson/Quality Choice Hearing
Baseball GAME- @7:00 Field D  Mac's 94 Auto/ First Midwest
Basbeball GAME- @6:00 Field F   Southeast Health/ Nearly Perfect
Baseball GAME- @7:00 Field F   Fiddlers/ Tuley Farm & Home
Softball   GAME- @6:00 Field G Young Reality/Bernie
Baseball   GAME- @6:00 Bernie Small Field Bernie/ Purple
Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bloomfield BIG FIELD Bloomfield/Schielf
Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bernie BIG FIELD  Bernie White/Williams Moving
Baseball   GAME- @7:30 Bernie BIG FIELD  Bernie Blue/Janet's Beauty


Friday 05/20/16


Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bloomfield SMALL FIELD   Purple/Bernie
Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bloomfield BIG FIELD   Bloomfield Purple/Janet's Beauty
Baseball   GAME- @6:00  Bernie BIG FIELD Blue Bernie/Strickland Electric
Softball   GAME- @6:00    Bernie SMALL FIELD Bernie/MJ Auto
Baseball   GAME- @7:30  Bloomfield BIG FIELD Bloomfield Gold/Southern Bank
Baseball   GAME- @7:30  Bernie BIG FIELD White Bernie/Schlief


Sat. 05/21/16 Sun. 05/22/16


Make-up Games from Thursday 5/12 and Tuesday 5/17

Saturday, May 21

Field A 2:00pm Mac's 94 Auto Sales vs. Southeast Health

Field A 3:00pm Mac's 94 Auto Sales vs. Dexter Family Eye Care Center

Field B 2:00pm Williams Moving Co. vs. Wingspan Enterprise

Field C 2:00pm Southern Bank vs. Janet's Beauty

Field F 2:00pm First Midwest Bank vs. Show-Me Rent-to-Own

Field F 3:00pm Show-Me Rent-to-Own vs. Quality Choice Hearing Aid Center

Field F 4:00pm First Midwest Bank vs. Nearly Perfect Shoes

Sunday, May 22

Field A 1:30pm Dexter Family Eye Care Center vs. First Midwest Bank

Field A 2:30pm Nearly Perfect vs. Ferguson Medical Group

Field B 1:30pm Jarrell Law vs. Cotton Belt Express

Field C 1:30pm Napa vs. Gill Group

Field C 3:00pm Whitakers vs Gill Group

Field D 1:30pm Williams Moving vs. Bernie Blue


Important Dates
Park Office Closed - Memorial Day
May 30th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
June 9th, 2016
Park Office Closed - Independence Day
July 4th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
July 14th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
August 11th, 2016
Park Office Closed - Labor Day
September 5th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
September 8th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
October 13th, 2016
Park Board Meeting
November 10th, 2016
Park Office Closed - Veteran's Day
November 11th, 2016
Park Office Closed - Thanksgiving Holiday
November 24th & 25th, 2016
Park Office Closed 1/2 Day - Christmas Holiday
December 23rd, 2016
Park Office Closed - Christmas Holiday (observed)
December 26th, 2016

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